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About Us

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Organometallics company manufacturing all the Organometallic products in the Contract Manufacturing Site of Vineet Laboratories Ltd., which is FDA approved, ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 14001 certified and ISO 45001 certified company, which is established in the year 2007 at Malkapur Village, Choutuppal Mandal, Yadadri- Bhuvanagiri District.
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Mr. Talupula Venkateswar Rao

Managing Director

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Choose Organometallics for unmatched expertise and seamless collaboration. Our team, led by industry veterans, is dedicated to elevating your processes.

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Mr. Talupula Venkateswar Rao

Managing Director of the company, who is well versed and also experienced as Techno Commercial in understanding all the Organometallics applications, with specialized high end application in Pharma, Speciality & Agrochemical Companies, committed, customer friendly, and having high credibility in the Industry since 2 decades.

Mr. Gaddam venkata Ramana

Director of the company with double decadal experience being Technically versatile In the field of manufacturing and handling of various Organometallic , Metal amides & Alkoxides, Grignard Reagents & Turbo Grignard and other Lithium downstream products in the multi-differentiated verities as APIs and other API intermediate products,being continiuosly involved in the manufacture of various Intermediates using lithium compounds especially n-Butyllithium continuously in various API intermediate products and also indulging in Contract manufacturing of API intermediates to reputed pharma companies viz.Viatris(formerly MYLAN LABS), Hetero drigs, USV Ltd etc

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